The Ardha Chandrasana is also known as the Half Moon Pose and is started by the person starting out in an extended triangle pose and putting their right foot forward.
The person then needs to shift their weight into their right foot while bring the left foot forward, it’s important to ensure that the kneecap is facing straight ahead and now inwards.
The left foot is the lifted from the floor using the heel, so the foot remains flexed.
The person is held for about 60 seconds before the left leg is lowered to the floor.
Those trying out the pose for the first time may be
As well as being useful for strengthening the ankles and improving balance, the Ardha Chandrasana can also be used to relieve stress and improve digestion.
Like other poses, there can be times when the Ardha Chandrasana shouldn’t be carried out. This includes those that may be suffering from headaches and migraines.
Those with low blood pressure or suffering from insomnia are also recommended not to try the pose without supervision or advice from a professional.