The Bhujangasana is also referred to as the Cobra Pose and is a back-bending pose. The cobra connection derives from the Sanskrit word bhujangaw which translates to “cobra” or “snake.”

The position is normally entered when the person is flat on their chest or may follow another yoga pose, such as the Downward Dog.

Those carrying out the Bhujangasana will place the palms under their shoulders, and will then push down until the hips are gently lifted,

The feet will remain on the floor and the legs will be outstretched. The pose is completed once the back is arched slightly and the gaze raised.

Although the pose can be carried out by women who are pregnant by them placing a blanket under their pelvis.

Like any other type of yoga position, there can be times when the pose is carried out incorrectly, such as overarching the neck and lower back.

This can be rectified by directing the gaze downwards and focusing on bringing the movement back between the shoulder blades.