Can Yoga Benefit Runners?

There are many sports and workouts that can’t be enjoyed alongside others because of the difference in approach.

However, given the laidback nature of yoga, it’s often the perfect accompaniment to many workouts.

This is because the practising of yoga means no ego or sense of competition, meaning that those taking part are not subjected to the potential injuries of other workouts.

Due to the flexibility yoga can offer, those who enjoy running will often be keen to learn as to whether the practicing of yoga can aid them in any way.

The good news is that it can, and the following is an overview of why.

Yoga Can Help Strengthen All the Muscles

Those that go running on a regular basis will know only too well that muscles can be under stress, and unless there is an opposing movement, additional stress will be put in the skeletal system as a whole.

Given that yoga exercises many of the muscles in different ways, it stands to reason that the practising of yoga can help undo the damage that the repetitive nature of running can cause.

Stability and strength are also at the core of yoga, which helps develop the hips that are used excessively when running.

Yoga Can Help Runners with Breathing

Although yoga is normally identified by a series of complex poses, the breathing aspect is also very important, just as it is with running.

Not many know that spikes of anxiety before a race or long run can be avoided by being more in control of the way we breathe.

Those who practice yoga, as well as running, will find that breath control becomes an essential tool when partaking in lengthy runs.

Yoga Also Fuels the Mind

Regardless of whether you’re new to running or yoga, may assume that the plights are only physical, but again this just isn’t the case.

Yoga not only helps deal with mental chaos, but it can also help develop better focus and concentration.

As well as being beneficial to advancing yoga poses, the focus achieved from yoga will ensure that you’re able to carry on where the mind and body normally tell you to stop.

Yoga Can Be Tailored to Help Match Your Running Style

When going yoga alone, it can be difficult to know what poses are the best suited to you, as well as what poses you’re capable of doing.

However, seeking out a professional yoga teacher in the first instance will not only find that they are able to progress in the right way, but also find poses that can aid them in their running endeavours.

As well as being able to advance your running endeavours, a professional yoga teacher can also ensure that you’re not going to suffer injuries that could pause advancements made in both running and yoga.

Runners Will Be Able to Slow Down and Unwind Easier

Although running can bring out the competitive streak in many, yoga does the complete opposite. Therefore, it can be such a vital tool for runners that have issues coming down from the high they achieve.

This ensures that runners can slow down their mind as well as the body, which can only be beneficial in the long run.

Succeed on the Bad Days as Well as the Good

Regardless of how good we are at something, there will be days when we underperform. This is human nature, but it can also be a bitter pill to swallow, especially given the competitive nature of running.

Yoga, on the other hand, has none of the competitive nature of running, so a completely different mindset is used.

Should negativity raise its ugly head, then yoga can help you deal with these thoughts and process in the right way.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that every day isn’t without its trial and tribulations but knowing how to deal with these issues in a conscious way means that we’re able to move forward positively.

Helps Strengthen Muscles that Running Can Miss

As well as helping muscles that can be damaged during running, yoga can also help develop and tone muscles that running won’t even cover.

This isn’t to say that yoga will mean that running in the future is a complete breeze, but it does mean that the concept of running and managing the aftermath becomes easier and less painful as a result,

Approaching Yoga in the Right Way

Although there many benefits in practising yoga, the way in which we approach can make all the difference. Yoga isn’t just about a workout, it’s also a state of mind, and as such there are a series of rules that need to be adhered to.

For example, there is no room for ego, as having a competitive streak is counterproductive when practising yoga.

Using a professional yoga studio not only ensures that space is relaxing and clean, but also ensures that you’re in the right headspace when enjoying yoga.

The use of a professional also ensures that mistakes are corrected straight away, thus minimising the likelihood of an injury.

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