The Dhanurasana is a back-bending pose that is used in modern yoga as exercise. The pose also referred to as the Bow Pose and has roots in the 15th century, albeit ambiguous.

The Dhanurasana is carried out by the person grasping their feet in order to live their chest and legs which in turn forms the shape of a bow.

There are a series of benefits the user can experience when carrying out the Dhanurasana. As well as being able to aid those who may be suffering from diarrhoea or back problems, the Dhanurasana can also improve back posture, improve blood circulation.

Like many other yoga poses if the Dhanurasana isn’t carried out in the right way, which is often due to misalignments.

One of the more common misalignments is when knees are placed wider than the hips, and this compresses the low back.

Issues can also arise should the incorrect grip be used when carrying out the pose. For example, some may use the tops of their feet.

This ensures that the body is being posed in the right way, so the slightest misalignment could mean that the Dhanurasana doesn’t yield the benefits a person expects.

Those having difficulty in carrying out the Dhanursana or any other pose should enlist the services of a professional to ensure that there are no injuries or ailments caused as a result of the incorrect pose.