Also referred to as the Eagle Pose, the Garudasana is carried out by the person bending their knees slightly and the lifting their left foot.
The left thigh then needs to be placed over the right with the left toes pointing towards the floor.

The person then needs to press the foot back and hook it beneath the lower right calf while balancing on the right foot.

From here, the arms need to be straight forward and parallel to the floor. The arms are then crossed in the front of the torso so that the right above is situated about the left.
The left elbow then needs to be bent so that the right elbow can be placed into the crook of the left.

The right hand then needs to be turned to the right and the left hand to the left respectfully which should mean that the palms are facing each other.
The palms then need to be pressed together as the elbows are lift and the fingers are stretched towards the ceiling.

The pose needs to be held for at least 15 second before releasing. The pose can then be repeated for the same length of time using the opposite arms and legs.