The Gomukhasana is a yoga pose that can be used for exercise and meditation and is also referred to as the Cow Face Pose.

The Gomukhasana is one of the oldest yoga poses, with it first being referred to during the 4th century.

From a kneeling position, the person carrying out the Gomukhasana then needs to cross their legs, moving the heel of the upper leg and placing it under the lower thigh, while the other is placed being the back.

The right arm then needs to be taken over the right shoulder and the person should then stretch

The pose can be held for as long as is comfortable, with a focus on breathing.

When carrying out the Gomukhasana it’s important to ensure the at the trunk is erect and the chest is expanded.

Those that are prone to backaches are advised to consult a doctor before carrying out the pose.

There are benefits to those that carry out the Gomukhasana, such as the reduction of stress and anxiety, as well as helping those who suffer from stiff shoulders.