Increase your strength and key physical and mental benefits of yoga

Yoga is a form of exercise that can help you boost your physical and mental health via breathing, strength and flexibility. It is largely focused on breathing and postures, which are movements that heighten flexibility and strength. Yoga was first practiced in India thousands of years ago, and its popularity has spread across the world. If you’re looking for yoga classes in Kensal Rise, options are available to you.

Boost balance, strength and flexibility

As you might expect, a great deal of research into yoga has taken place over the years. Many of these studies have found links between yoga and improvements in strength, balance and flexibility. Findings suggest that yoga can help with physical conditions including heart disease, high blood pressure, lower back pain and emotional challenges like stress and depression. A large number of older people practice yoga to strengthen their lower body, boost their balance and therefore reduce the chances of falls occurring. It can be particularly beneficial for the knees and ankles.

Can yoga help with arthritis?

Yoga may also help you ward off the symptoms of arthritis. However, it’s important to seek out advice if you do suffer from the condition, as not all of the moves will be suitable. A yoga teacher who specialises in working with people with arthritis can advise you on the best and safest movements for your condition. It can also help with conditions such as headaches and carpal tunnel syndrome, to give just two more examples.

Which age groups is yoga popular with?

People from all age groups practice yoga, and nobody is too old to embrace the practice, with many people taking it up in their 70s. No matter what your fitness level is, you shouldn’t find it too difficult to identify classes that match your abilities and benefit from them. Even if your flexibility is limited, you can still start practicing yoga. Another benefit of yoga is that it enables you to surpass your usual range of movement, which can make carrying out daily tasks less challenging. It’s not particularly common for people to sustain injuries when practicing yoga, but your chances of hurting yourself are reduced considerably when you receive training from a highly-experienced professional and join a class focused on your ability level.

Find a suitable yoga class

Many different types of yoga are practiced across the world, and some are more rigorous than others, with some focusing on particular areas like breathing. Although yoga teachers-2 don’t need special qualifications in the UK, it’s a good idea to make sure your class is led by an insured teacher who is accredited by a leading association such as the British Wheel of Yoga. You may be tempted to simply watch yoga DVDs or YouTube videos to get to grips with the practice, but you are far more likely to get the right results by signing up for a Yoga class in Kensal Rise led by a teacher who can provide you with valuable advice and protect you from risk.