The kaptotasana is also known as the King Pigeon Poses and is an extremely advanced pose that should only be practised once the body is ready.

The pose is used to invigorate the body and lift spirits. Further benefits include opening the hips, therefore, making them more flexible.

Although an advanced pose, it can be beneficial in relieving problems such as sciatica, as well as being a brilliant pose for strengthening the back overall.

To carry out the pose, the person should kneel upright and ensure that the knees are just narrower than the width of the hips.

The hips, head and shoulders then need to be stacked before stretching the body upwards in the air.

Carried out correctly, there pose should allow the person to acquire a backbend that sees their knees remain on the ground.

Given the complexity of the pose, there are things that could go wrong for those attempting the pose before they’re ready.

Ensuring you enlist the services of a professional yoga teacher will ensure that there are no misalignments when carrying out the pose, which means the pose can feel uncomfortable.