This kneeling back-bending potion is also referred to as the Pigeon Pose.

The Kapotasana is an advanced yoga position that derives from the Ashtanga tradition.

The pose is carried out by placing the shins and forearms are on the ground. The person that must stretch the upwards into the air, with the pose being complete once a backbend has been achieved.

The pose can be difficult to carry out as it requires enough flexibility for the head to reach the ground.

As such, those that are new to yoga shouldn’t attempt the Kapotasana if there is any pain or discomfort. Speaking to a professional will ensure that you know when you’re ready to try out the pose.

Those that carry out the Kapotasana will find that it strengthens the back as well as stretching the thighs and groin.

As well as having beneficial qualities in relation to personal health, those that practise the Kapotasana will also find that they’re able to reduce stress and calm a busy mind.

Those more familiar with yoga overall will find that the pose can offer a lot more benefits over time as well as a toned core.

The pose is good for aiding digestion and can even inject a burst of self-confidence over time.