The Matsyendrasana is also known at the Lord of the Fishes Pose and is a seated position.
Those carrying out the Matsyendrasana need to place one foot, with the torso twisting towards the top leg.
The arms will also be used to help being the torso into the twisting aspect of the pose and could be carried out by either grabbing an opposite hand or foot.
There are times when the pose shouldn’t be attempted, especially those who are pregnant, due to the twisting of the abdomen.
The Matsyendrasana should also be avoided by those that have undergone recent surgery relation to hear, brain or abdomen.
The pose helps with the stretching of muscles one side of the body, while muscles on the opposite are compressed.
Those that suffer from stiffness being experienced in the vertebrae or back.
The benefits that the Matsyendrasnana means that those that may have slipped a disc could benefit from the pose, but medical advice should be sought in the first instance.
It can also be useful to enlist the services of a professional yoga teacher to ensure that the pose is being carried out in the right way.