Cited as both the queen and moth of all yoga poses, the Sarvangasana is also known as the Salamba Sarvangasana or the Supported Shoulderstand.

The pose is entered from a supine position with the knees bent.

Depending on where the pose is being carried out, they could be a requirement to used blankets as a form of support.

Those just starting out with the pose may raise their legs with their knees bent, whereas those more experienced may choose to lift their legs while straight.

The back is supported by the hands, which when lowered allows the trunk to be lifted.

The physical benefits of the Sarvangasana allow for more blood circulation, the strengthening of the shoulders and the promotion of body balance.

There are also benefits associated with mental wellbeing, such as improved concentration and the nourishment of body muscles.

If there is any tenseness or sensations of discomfort, then the person should disengage from the pose, as this could problems with blood flow, and could even end in injury in more circumstances.