The Shirshasana is one of the most recognised poses in the world of yoga, as it’s more commonly known as the Support Headstand

However, there will be alignments of the body that need to be considered when using the Headstand in yoga.

The person carrying out the Shirshasana is completely inverted, with support provided by the forearms.

The fingers will also interlock around the head, which again allows for more support.

Given the popularity of the Shirshasana, it is often referred to as the king of all asanas,

The position of the body when carrying out the Shirshasana include the improvement of blood flow to the eyes, head and scalp as well as being great for strengthening the shoulder and arms.

As well as the physical benefits, those carrying out the Shirshasana pose can also benefit from reduced stress and increased focused.

Of course, to be able to yield these benefits, it’s important the pose is carried out in the right way.

Should there be any errors made when carrying out the Shirshasana, then you could fail to achieve the benefits, and could even incur an injury as a result.