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We keep our teaching team small, motivated and talented, so you can be sure of a challenging but rewarding class every time. We also cap our class size at 15, which coupled with our unusually spacious studio makes for a very pleasant experience.

Our in-house teaching team is:


Jacqui is our lead teacher.

First introduced to yoga at the tender age of sixteen as part of her expressive dance syllabus, Jacqui initially rejected the idea of a class that didn’t feature dynamic movement and instead offered a slow meditative pace. An apprehension to the stillness was evident, she found the meditation frustrating and uncomfortable and immediately decided a practise so tedious was not ideal for her spirited personality.

Fast forward a few years and Jacqui began studying her BA Honors in Choreography and Dance where each syllabus was high energy and physically demanding, so as supplement to this, all students were encouraged to participate in Yoga classes. Jacqui still wasn’t convinced, why were the poses still so uncomfortable? She couldn’t quite grasp why yoga was described as a ‘practise’ when she felt as though her progression was non-existent.

It wasn’t until her early twenties, when the poses on the mat started to become easier and her ability to handle stressful situations in real time became less challenging, that her perspective of yoga began to change.

She started to understand, with a deep knowing, that yoga is a practise, it is a learning, a continuation of growth, a physical and mental renewal and an invaluable device for self-study.

Jacqui strongly believes that the attitude and temperament you cultivate in your practise builds a bridge to what you focus on away from the mat. Yoga allows you to set your intentions, your dedication, your sankalpa. It is the sharpening of powerful tools and a movement of an inner energy that allows you to take what you’ve cultivated Into your practise, out into the world.

Yoga teaches us that not only is this journey about ourselves, but also with our connection to others. Jacqui is dedicated to supporting you in your own personal journey while also encouraging connection with other yogis with whom we practise side by side.

Yoga paints the bigger picture of life. Somebody once told me that there are more stars in space than grains of sand on all the beaches and deserts in the entire world. That’s how I feel when I connect with someone through Yoga. Something strange and slightly intangible but very, very real.


It was down under in Sydney where the sweet lure of yoga pulled Jax in. Although Jax had previously attended yoga classes before, it wasn’t until she took to the mat in a packed Vinyasa class in Bondi where she felt an energetic shift in her body.

A mixture of emotions, along with candid side glances and thoughts of ‘what am I supposed to be doing’ was the situation at the beginning of the class, but once she reminded herself to breathe, she seemed to discover the dance between resisting and allowing, moving and stillness. Finding this balance is key, whether we are at the beginning of our yoga journey or have years of practise under our belt.

From an early age Jax has been intrigued with movement and dancing. She was a young gymnast and studied contemporary dance at college. Jax loves variety and also enjoys sports such as boxing to work on her speed and agility.

A dedication to a life of movement led her to get qualifications to become a trainer, working at gyms in Chelsea, London and Perth, Australia.

Her knowledge of the body means she is attentive when it comes to the safety and alignment of the postures. The theme of her class will vary from month to month but you can guarantee there will be mentions of the lunar cycle, some story references and playful humour.

Not everyone has a background in sports, dancing or yoga and this is totally fine. Yoga isn’t about looking the best or holding the hardest postures, Yoga is about connecting to your body and discovering where you can go.

Jax genuinely believes in yoga to unify our mind, body and soul. The quality of movement we invest onto the mat directly correlates with how we show up in the world and our relationship to ourselves and all that is around us.

Life is full of transitions. Let us gracefully transition together.


Gemma moved to London to deepen her skills in contemporary dance and started practicing yoga for its well-known benefits. Her passion and love for the Yoga took over and she travelled to India where she was able to deepen her practice and undertake her teacher training.

She loves yoga for many reasons; it gives her a totally new way of relating to her body, it offers her freedom, acceptance, kindness and patience. Through the years she has developed a high proprioception and she aims to help her students to build awareness of their own body-mind connection as well as improve their health, strength and flexibility whilst connecting to their centre and always being kind to themselves.

Yoga brings you into the present moment. The only place that life exists


Training in Hatha yoga and completing her MA in Traditions of Yoga and Meditation at SOAS, Shaka’s own practice is in Ashtanga and Iyengar, both of which influence her teaching style.

Yoga is a holistic, broad and profound practice. By exploring its fundamental principles through posture, breath, relaxation and meditation, Shaka’s classes simultaneously build flexibility and strength but enhance feelings of calm and a provide a sense of wellbeing.

Expect Shaka’s classes to build slowly, with the aim of bringing a sense of connection, so that students can become more tuned into themselves and reawaken the sacred space within.

For me yoga is freedom and self-knowledge. Over the years the practice has had a transformative effect on my life, allowing me to find more peace and acceptance


As a professional ballet and contemporary dancer, Yoga was a natural transition for Simona. It strengthened the awareness she had of her own body and fuelled her fascination with the physical body and the study of movement.

Having worked for fifteen years in the luxury industry as a Fashion Designer, Simona’s Yoga practice helped her to maintain balance within a highly stressful and fast paced lifestyle. The profound physical, mental and emotional effects this had on her left her curious and keen to find out more. This led Simona to embrace the journey of teaching in order to be able to share this knowledge with others. She has spent several years exploring varied yoga disciplines.

Simona’s classes are taught with a focus on integration between movement and breath and with attention to alignment. She uses hands-on assists to help the students gain deeper insight, as well as to support them and help them to refine and add depth to their practice.

As a yoga teacher my aim is to create a space for students to discover their own potential and to offer a grounding and uplifting experience reminding them that with patience, dedication and consistent practice, everything is possible

Joe Sharp

Joe has been involved in sports and physical movement for the whole of his life. He has competed internationally as an alpine skier, studied sports and exercise science and has worked as a PT and Fitness Instructor. He has also managed a London based road cycling club.

His yoga practice has helped in developing a calm mind and strong, flexible and healthy body. Joe wants to help his students realise these benefits with his encouraging, supportive and fun teaching.

He has completed a 200hr teacher training at Sangyé Yoga School and an apprenticeship with Cat Alip-Douglas.

Joe’s teaching style is friendly, positive and engaging and he encourages students to consciously move towards a state of heightened awareness; from which they can move through life with less worry and anxiety and more ease and joy.

After a warm up of surya namaskar (sun salutations), a varied sequence of standing posters, forward folds, twists, backbends and inversions is performed; before a final relaxation and sometimes meditation.

He uses hands on assists and occasionally some music. Classes have a fun and friendly atmosphere, are physically challenging and mentally stimulating.


Every moment is another opportunity to begin again, we can always change the way we are living to create more ease and steadiness. Yoga gives us the opportunity to interrogate our behaviour and learn how we can let go of whatever might be holding us back.