There’s More to Yoga Than Flexibility

Yoga is a practice that can offer several benefits to those that undertake it.

However, yoga is much different from other sports, and many are surprised to find that people from all walks of life can enjoy the benefits of yoga, not just those with supple joints.

Of course, yoga can help with gaining flexibility but those who decide to try yoga can also enjoy the following benefits, which helps explain why yoga has become a hit with the masses.

Why Is Yoga Popular?

Those that haven’t tried yoga before may assume that the benefits of yoga are purely physical, but this isn’t the case.

Although the poses being carried out can be beneficial for toning the body, the practising of yoga means exercising the mind as well as the body.

This means that a series of conditions could be made more manageable from the practising of yoga

As well as being helpful for those who contend with depression and anxiety, there have even been instanced where it’s been able to deal with PTSD.

We All Have to Start Somewhere

Just as we see someone perform amazing stunts or lift heavy weights, yoga isn’t something that a person has to be proficient in from the start.

In fact, one of the main reasons that yoga has become so popular is because of the accepting nature of the practice.

This means that yoga can be experienced old and young and still be of benefit.

The flexibility that comes with yoga is something that is developed over time. Although the poses carried out when practising yoga does a lot to help flexibility, there’s much more to learn from in the meantime.

Yoga allows beginners to understand the principles of yoga that helps them to better themselves in several different ways.

The main principles of yoga are as follows and help explain why yoga is about more than flexibility.

  • Ahimsa: Non-Violence
  • Satya: Truthfulness
  • Asteya: Righteousness
  • Brahmacharia: Wisdom
  • Aparigraha: Simplicity
  • Worship of the Spiritual Goal: Ishvara – Pranidhana
  • Shaucha: Sacrifice of the Ego
  • Tapas: Self Discipline
  • Svadhyaya: Reading
  • Santosha: Contentment

As beginners become more familiar with the principles of yoga, they won’t be as focused on flexibility alone.

Instead, they will be able to become more familiar with their own body and make a series of changes that will unveil several benefits.

The benefits experienced from yoga can vary from person to person, depending on how often yoga is practised and the life goals of those practising yoga.

However, dealing with a yoga professional will ensure that the right approach and mindset is always applied.

Although the principles can seem like a religion to some, it’s not.

Yoga has roots dating back to 3000 BC, so while some of the principles may seem old-fashioned to some, they’re designed to ensure that the person is getting the best from yoga, both mentally and physically.

Too Much Too Soon Can Be Detrimental

When looking at yoga poses online, it stands to reason that those that are experienced will want to try more complex poses on the understanding that it will offer more benefits, including more flexibility.

However, the principles of yoga come into play again in that we must push our ego to one side.

Although it’s understandable that people will want to show off what they have learned so far, it’s important that that practising yoga isn’t trying to do too much too soon.

Many will feel soreness when learning new poses, but someone trying to carry our yoga poses that they’re not used to could mean that they’re being carried out in the wrong way, which could mean a potential injury.

Just as beginners are advised to attend a yoga class to understand the principles of yoga, those that have already started need to ensure that they’re evolving in the right way.

As such, even those that are more confident with yoga should ensure they remain in touch with a professional to ensure that their goals are never going off-track.

Ensuring We Learn Yoga in the Right Way

There are several avenues available to those wanting to learn yoga, but not all of them will be of benefit.

YouTube videos and DVDs may seem harmless in the interim, but it could mean that you’re not learning the philosophies of yoga, nor the correct approach.

Regardless of whether you’re learning the basics of yoga or trying to learn more complex poses, it’s advisable that a professional teacher is used in every instance.

Not only does this ensure that those new to the world of yoga are fully aware of what it consists of, and any mistakes being made in relation to poses are rectified sooner rather than later.

Rise Yoga Space in Kensal understand the importance of getting it right the first time, and just how nerve-racking it can be something new for the first time.

Therefore, it ensures that it always offers a clean and welcoming studio that helps you get the best from yoga in the right way.

If you’re looking to improve your posture as well as enjoy the many other benefits the yoga can offer, then why not get in touch with Rise Yoga Space in Kensal today to discuss your requirements in more detail.