The Trikonasana is also known as the Triangle Pose and is carried out in two parts, with the person facing their left and then their right respectively.

Unlike some yoga poses that can date back hundreds of years, the Trikonasana pose is more recent, first being referenced in “Yoga Makaran,” a book put together by Indian yoga teacher Tirumalai Krishnamacharya published in 1943.

The pose is carried out by the person ensuring that they are standing with their feet leg-width apart with the knees unbent.

The right foot the needs to be turned to the outside, while the left foot needs to be less than 45 degrees on the inside.

It’s also important that the person ensures that the heels are aligned with hips to ensure alignment is correct

The person then must spread out their arms to their side while ensuring the palms are facing down.

As the person inhales slowly, they need to raise their left arm and then bend their body towards the right with the right arm pointing down.

The pose is then repeated in the opposite direction. There are many benefits available to those carrying out Trikonasana including the stimulation of abdominal organs and the aiding of digestion.

The Trikonasana can also support mental wellbeing, including the relieving of stress.