The Utkatasana is also referred to as the Chair Pose which his carried out by the person standing with their feet placed together.
The person then needs to inhale and raise their arms above them, ensuring they are perpendicular to the floor
As the person bends their knees, they need to exhale as the thighs are parallel to the floor a much as is possible.
The shoulder blades then need to be drawn into the upper back robs as the elbows reach towards the ears. The person then needs to bring their hips down lower and then transfer their weight to the heels.
The shoulder blades then need to be spread apart and palms should then be facing each other.
The pose then needs to be carried out for one minute before releasing into the Tandasana.
The Utkatasana helps strengthen the thighs and ankles as is also be beneficial when it comes to toning other parts of the body, such as the hips and back,
The undertaking of the Utkatasana pose also allows for a more vibrant outlook on life and be less stressful las a whole.
The Ukatasna can be considered a difficult pose, but with the right teachings many find that the jard work associated with Utkatasana is worth the hard work.