The Vajrasana is also referred to as the Thunderbolt Pose and is a kneeling pose that is used in different forms of yoga, including hatha yoga and modern yoga as exercise.

To carry out the position, the person needs to sit on their heels and ensure the calves are situated beneath the thighs.

There should be a gap between the kneecaps and the first toe of each foot need to touch each other.

The Vajrasana pose is often used for meditation and can offer the user several benefits.

These benefits include a calming of the body and mind and opening up the chest and shoulders.

Although the Vajrasana is an easy pose to carry out, there can still be times when mistakes are made.

There can be instances where some feel that the pose should feel tight. Although the pose will mean that certain parts of the body are put to work, it shouldn’t result in a stiff or uncomfortable sensation.

Those experiencing any form of discomfort should release themselves from the pose and allow the body to relax.

Other instances that could cause problems when carrying out the pose include letting your head hang down.