The Virisana is a kneeling pose that has roots dating back centuries, although the modern pose is different from that listed in past works regarding yoga and is also referred to as the Hero Pose.

Those carrying out the Virisana pose will start from kneeling down position, ensuring that the knees are placed firmly together.

The feet then need to be spaced apart so the buttocks can rest on them. When entering the Virasana pose it’s important to ensure that there are aren’t any sharp sensations or pain, as this could mean that the pose is being carried out in the wrong way.

The position is held for approximately thirty seconds, and once mastered can be used as a pose for meditation.

Despite the Virasana not being a painful pose to carry out, there can be times when those new to yoga feel that

The Virisana can offer an abundance of benefits. As well as being able to strengthen the foot arches and improving circulation, the pose can also help improve digestion and relieve gas,

There will be times when the Virisana pose must be avoided, such as instances of hip surgery as well as those that may be suffering from heart problems.