The Vriksasana us a balancing pose that derives from the Sanskrit words “tree” and “posture” and is a standing pose that sees the weight of the body transferred to one leg.

Also referred to as the Tree Pose, those carrying out the Vriksasana will enjoy a series of benefits, including the strengthening of leg muscles and improved stability overall.

To carry out the pose, the person needs to stand on one leg ensuring that the entire sole remains in full contact with the floor.

From here, the person then needs to bend their right knee and then place the other foot on the inner calf. The hips need to be open, with the toes of the right foot pointing downwards.

The pose can be held anything from 20 to 60 seconds, where the person will return the Tadasana as the person exhales. The process is then repeated using the other leg.

The benefits of Vriksasana can improve balance and endurance as well as promote alertness.

Those practising the Vrikasana can also aid with the toning of the leg muscles and the ligaments.